Cancun, Mexico 2016

Cancun,Mexico -2016

This is My First Vacation outside the country and heartfelt vacation I had experience , The people are very nice and friendly even let you feel that your not other people while talking to them and see the best 4 things to do in Cancun.

First stop- Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an island in the Caribbean Sea, about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) off the Yucatán Peninsula coast. The island is some 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long and 650 metres (2,130 ft) wide.

To the east is the Caribbean Sea with a strong surf and rocky coast, and to the west the skyline of Cancún can be seen across the clear waters. In the 2010 census, the namesake town on the island had a population of 12,642 inhabitants.[1]

The island is part of the Isla Mujeres Municipality in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Second Stop Playa Del Carmen

Average Travel by car from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen is about 40 minutes.overwhelming beach with great places to eat native foods , and known  as a tourist spots and lots of small business in the area…

3rd Stop Yucatán

Yucatán, the Mexican state, is known for its Gulf of Mexico beaches and Mayan ruins. Famed Chichén Itzá encompasses a massive pyramid, ball court and stone temples.

Other Mayan sites include Ek Balam, noted for well preserved sculptures, and Uxmal, with its intricate carved facades. Yucatán’s capital and largest city, Mérida, has a Spanish colonial history reflected in buildings such as 16th-century Mérida Cathedral.

4th – Cenote (pronounced seh-NOH-teh)

In much of the Yucatan, rainwater collects in a system of underground caves and tunnels. Where these tunnels reach the surface is known as a cenote.

Cenotes usually allow swimming and diving, and at some you can rent related equipment. They contain fresh water, which is often cool since they are shaded in most cases.

Cenotes allow close-up access to fauna such as fish, turtles, and in some cases, bats. Some cenotes are mainly enclosed with only small openings on the surface and a larger above-water cavernous area that extends under the rock covering. Others are more open and allow more natural light.

Overall experience was Amazing and I recommend this places that next time you visit Cancun


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