Maui Trip -2016
First Time in Maui , and I was amaze how beautiful life can be when traveling and seeing beautiful Place for the first time. Great experience I had
First day I have toured the Maui Tropical Plantation The Maui Tropical Plantation Express Tram Tour will take you through the private grounds of the Plantation, showcasing a variety of native Hawaiian plants, tropical fruits, and fields of row crops. The tour also provides a live coconut husking demonstration.

Second Tour was Road to Hana

This is a must to see and plan a full day tour.This Place take you to a heartless nature water falls and watch the wave while enjoying lunch and a good view of the Pacific Ocean.


3rd Stop was Iao Valley State Monument

Iao Valley State Monument is the place to be if you like the tropical flora of Hawaii. Take a walk on the ʻIao Needle Lookout Trail and Ethnobotanical Loop learn about the plants that Hawaiians brought.


4th Watching the Sunset at the Luau,and Hawaiian Culture

It was Great Experience in 2016…..


Published by Noel

I am Noel , Filipino , Grew up in Manila and settled down in California in 1991. I love to travel and visit different places , and captured photos of the places that I haven't seen for the first time...

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