Maui Trip 2017-Lahaina 

I am so excited to share this trip.This trip is my second time in Maui but I went  to Lahaina which is the north side of Maui. 

At First I have settled in at Sheraton Hotel And about 40 mins from Kahauli Airport.

After settling in at this Hotel, I have planned my activities for the rest of the week. So many things to do in Maui and here are the Top 5 things to do in Lahaina Maui North side…

Top 5 Things to do in Maui :

5.  Whale Watching – check-in at MAKAI adventures Slip 16. They are Known for snorkeling – Whale Watching and Prive Charter which is 20 mins ride from Sheraton Hotel 

Whale Watching Begins..

4. Looking for Adventure !! this is  a great one and breathless dive from the cliff called Black Rock. Be extra careful cause no life guard on duty to watch you, but if your looking for memorable trip and you know how to swim I dare you to jump in and experience it .. cause I know I did it!!

3. Maui Ocean Center – Aquarium is about 30-40 minutes ride from Sheraton Hotel. Cost to get in for one adult is $27.00. Buy your tickets online, long line to get IN.Once your in there you will enjoy to tropical fish and corals…

2. Helicopter Ride at Kahului Heliport about 40-55 mins drive from Lahaina.Check  IN at Sunshine Helicopters, Upon my arrival the staff is very nice and friendly. If you have a budget to do this is a MUST.

Upon arrive , of course I have to take photo of the Helicopter that I will be riding in…

Ready to Fly ….

The view of Moloka’i and West Maui

1. Lu’au – Drums of the Pacific At Hyatt Regency a mile from Sheraton hotel and about 40-50 mins from kahalui.Just a suggestion if your going to buy a ticket choose the VIP ticket if you have a budget.First seating from general tickets , and able to pick seats and capture great photos.

First Noel Travel
Sunset by the Sea


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